OpenX Ad Server - Beginners Guide

Submitted by matthew on Sun, 2010-09-12 19:32

openx ad serverAlmost a year ago I wrote a post on using OpenX. A few months ago I received a reviewers copy of OpenX Ad Server by Murat Yilmaz from PACKT Publishing. I duly read it, but life got in the way of writing up the review.

OpenX is an open-source PHP/MySQL based advertisement platform. You can run ads for unlimited advertisers, campaigns, banners, zones and websites - and can include ad tags from other ad systems like Dart and Adsense. OpenX is widely used on the Internet.

The book is broken up into ten chapters with a pop quiz answer section at the very end. The book is riddled with pop quizzes throughout which are often pretty easy to answer.

The Bad
It is clear, as you start reading the book, that the writer's first language is not English. Again, not really a problem, but it might have been good if one of the reviewers or the the book's editor had a stronger English writing style. There are elements of the book that I think just come across as amateur. For example, when you have gotten to a point to follow an exercise, the phrase "Have a go hero" titles the section. It makes me wonder of the book was initially written in another language and translated. The lack of professional screen shots undermines the crediblity of the book. Even using a free application like Skitch would have improved the impression - as it stands, arrows directing you to certain page elements are roughed in using something like Paint and are sloppy.

OpenX Ad Server - Basics for Setup and Embedding an Ad on Drupal

Submitted by matthew on Sat, 2009-10-24 20:03

OpenX is an opensource adserver with similar functionality to other ad services. The difference is that you run the service yourself and it is free if you host it yourself.

I am often faced with Drupal clients who are interested in selling ad space on their sites but don't want to use a paid service, need more flexibility than the ad module available for Drupal, and don't want want to use a service like AdBrite or Google Ads.

This little tutorial will show you how to install the ad server on your localhost to play around with it. First off, you need some kind of *amp stack on your computer. I personally work on a Mac, so I use MAMP. This also means that the tutorial is Mac centric.

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