Day 3

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Submitted by matthew on Wed, 2011-12-07 22:07

In the first two posts in this series I wrote about the planning days at and how those planning days set up the beginning of the code sprint. I also discussing the ancillary activities that set us up for the next timebox - locking down the priorities for the next time box.

Today, Day 3, the coding portion of the sprint begins.

The scrums started out by reviewing the salmon stories (salmon are stories that still need more information to be actionable) in the Google spreadsheet. Each story, as clarified was turned yellow - indicating the team in committing to completing the effort to complete that work. After these stories have been reviewed and clarified, the different groups are tasked with different tasks.

The morning began with three scrums. Each scrum represents a practicing unit that includes:

Copenhagen Day 3

Submitted by matthew on Fri, 2008-07-11 23:08

We were still without bags today and haven't had a change of clothes in 4 days. We've continued to clean some clothing in the sink and manage the best we can. Late in the day, we took the train to Lyngby where there are lots of shops. I managed to find a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that fit tolerably well, but all my wife came away with was a t-shirt.

Day 3, Heathrow to London, Greenwich

Submitted by matthew on Wed, 2007-08-08 05:09

Today (Tuesday August 7th) was a less vigorous day. We traveled from the Heathrow hotel this morning to Greenwich, where one of my sets of Uncles/Aunts live. We slept in quite late--10 am--and were quite leisurely about our morning regimen.

We needed to be out of our room by noon--which posed no problems although our daughter did lock herself into the bathroom quite by accident. She couldn't figure out how to open the door and was getting pretty freaked out. I noticed that there was a slot headed screw on the outside of the door. I tried using a UK penny--too wide, 5p, 10p coins. Nothing was working until I dug out a US dime. It fit and after much effort (and bruised fingers) I got the door unlocked.

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